Words of Wisdom

Growing Stronger

Whatever happens, you can use it as a way to grow stronger.

Every day can end up making you stronger.

You can complain about it, or you can grow stronger through it. You can worry about it, or you can grow stronger instead.

Don't let it make you frustrated, or resentful or dismayed.

Let it motivate you to become stronger.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, feel what it feels like to respond with strength and clarity of positive purpose. Call upon the strength you have, and you will have more.

You are stronger than any circumstance, stronger than any thoughtless comment made by another, and stronger than any disappointment. You can adjust, adapt, and re-commit yourself again and again to moving forward.

You are already strong and capable and experienced. Use that strength to advance life's goodness, and grow stronger and stronger with each passing day.

Ralph Marston